Put a spring into your step!

Hello spring! Hello Sunshine!. It’s warm out so getting active and moving your body is a great way to wake the body up after winter and now is the time to infuse your diet with some rich sources of rejuvenating nutrition. Below is a sample Laugh with Health diet which will provide you with everything you need for a spring in your step!


Papaya slices with a squeeze of lemon juice, promotes cleansing and healing. The papaya provides lutein and zeaxanthin for eyesight restoration, capain for health healing, beta cryptoxanthin for colon health and vitamin C (62mg/100g), the youth vitamin, for supple skin, reduce skin cell oxidation, good eye sight and for collagen / skin formation. Lemon juice will provide vitamin C, sulphur (125mg/100g) for cleansing and elimination of bacteria.

Morning Tea

Walnuts and swiss cheese on rye with green tea. Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3, for healthy skin and eyes; vitamin B6 (0.7mg/100g), the vitality vitamin, for antibody production and pituitary gland function; copper (2mg/100g) for skin pigment and vitamin C activity; folate (98mcg) for reproduction of cells; biotin for cellular rejuvenation and conversion of fats into energy. Green tea provides flavonoids that promote antioxidant benefits and healthy skin. Swiss cheese provides excellent calcium to offset osteoporosis and for elasticity of the skin.


Tahini with sprout salad. Tahini is a very good source of vitamin E (40mg/100g), which protects cells from oxidation, promotes healing of damaged skin and promotes normal cell life and skin nourishment; zinc (4.6mg/100g) for good sleep, skin cell and tissue development.

The sprouts will provide numerous active enzymes to promote the digestive, glandular and immune system functions, plus vitamin C and numerous trace nutrients to rejuvenate the body.

For a super rejuvenating sprout salad, add 2 tablespoons of ground pepitas to obtain an excellent source of iron, for cell development, tissue repair and body cleansing; protein for cellular repair; and a wide variety of minerals for a complete balance of body needs.

Afternoon Snack

Carrot and cucumber juice, the ultimate skin cleansing and rejuvenating juice. The excellent carotene supply from carrots (11,000mg /100g) promotes soft skin and healing of damaged skin; the excellent sulphur content (445mg) and chlorine content (318mg) promote liver and skin cleansing like no other food. Carrot and cucumber and a good source of silicon, vital for health hair growth and a good complexion.

Evening Meal

Salmon with a fresh garden salad. Salmon is a very good source of Omega-3, for improved skin condition and healing, and protection from dry skin. The lettuce will provide the ultimate source of silicon for hair growth and condition, plus chlorophyll for body cleansing and numerous active enzymes for rejuvenation. Red capsicum will provide an abundance of vitamin C for skin rejuvenation, improved eyesight and bioflavonoids for prevention of cell oxidation and premature aging. Asparagus will provide an abundance of fluoride for skin and eye health and bladder cleansing, folate (120mcg/100g) for the cellular system and skin health, and rutin to strengthen blood vessels and protect against varicose veins. Later in the evening, have a serve of acidophilus yoghurt for a peaceful sleep and to balance and cleanse the digestive system of bacteria and toxins.


[Extraction from Laugh with Health by Manfred Urs Koch. For more information head to www.laughwithhealth.com.au.]