Chocolate craving busters

Dairy free chocolate. My present to myself.

Mothers Day is traditionally a time to be given and eat chocolates. Sounds reasonable. Most of us like chocolates. But what to do when you are dairy free? You experiment with all sorts of chocolate recipes to find one decadent and creamy enough for you, that’s what you do. Then make it yourself so you can indulge on that Special Day (funny how we often make or buy our own presents).

Snickers bars Ruth Fellowes Nutritionist Food n Mood expert Maitland Hunter Valley

Snickers Bars mean chocolate and nuts and sweetness all in one. This dairy free and healthy version is not exactly the same of course, but it is so delicious you won’t care. The caramel filling I used is the one found at Well Nourished and it’s the best I’ve tasted. It’s  creamy, nutty and addictive. And not a Medjool date in sight. Which is just fine because I’m so over dates being in every dairy free dessert you come across.


125g (1/2 cup) peanut butter (additive free and plain)

125g (1/2 cup) tahini, hulled (Mayvers)

85g (1/4 cup) maple syrup (honey might work too)

100g (1/2 cup) coconut oil

100g (1 cup) almond meal (ground almonds)

Good pinch of sea salt (don’t skimp on this, it really boosts the taste)

1/2 cup nuts (raw peanuts or almonds, or roasted nuts)

Chocolate layer

200g raw cacao butter

30g (1/3 cup) cacao powder

1/3 cup honey (or maple syrup but the honey works well with this strong chocolate)

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/8 tsp fine sea salt


  1. In a food processor, mix the peanut butter, tahini, syrup, coconut oil, sea salt and almond meal until well combined.
  2. Press into a tin lined with baking paper, or silicon moulds
  3. Place the nuts on top and press into the filling.
  4. Set aside in the freezer.
  5. Melt the cacoa butter in a saucepan. It melts quickly so don’t leave it to burn. Whisk in the rest of the ingredients until you have a smooth sauce. Allow to cool slightly then pour over the top of the filling and put back in the freezer to fully set.
  6. To slice, use a knife dipped in hot water to stop the chocolate from cracking as you cut

Tip: you can use different ingredients for the chocolate layer if cacao butter can’t be found. It does make for quite a strong dark chocolate though. Melt and mix together: 200g (1 cup) coconut oil, 2-4 tbsp honey (or maple syrup) and 30g (1/4 cup) cocoa powder