Easter eggs for Allergies and Intolerances

This is tricky unfortunately. Stores have to order months (and I really do mean months- like 8 months in advance) if they want to be able to have allergy friendly Easter chocolates on hand. It is common for them to miss out or not be able to order as much as they want. Yes, this is a cut throat market!

Amine Sensitivities.

Carob is like a chocolate substitute for those who are amine sensitive and therefore will react to the cocoa or cacao normally used in chocolate making. Banjo the Carob Bear by the Carob Kitchen  probably makes the best carob chocolate around, and the other top favourite is Carobana brand who make mini carob easter eggs and Bilbys. Local outlets here are Organic Feast in East Maitland. 

Salicylate Sensitivities. 

Only buy the plain chocolates if you need to limit salicylates since  flavours  such as peppermint, honeycomb, cranberry) are all naturally high in salicylates.

Additive Free. 

Buy good quality chocolate that doesn’t need loads of additives to make it taste good. Lindt brand is definitely one of the better ones, and  often Red Tulip easter chocolate is simple in it’s ingredients list. Also try Nestle White Chocolate. White chocolate normally just consists of sugar, full cream milk powder, vegetable fat (with safe antioxidant 309), emulsifiers (476 which is soya lecithin) and flavour. Keeping it simple, remember.

Make up a little basket with only 1 or 2 chocolate items and fill with more additive and food intolerance friendly treats. Choose from Allens or Black and Gold Milk Bottles, Pascalls Columbines, Homebrand Jersey Caramels, Werther’s Original cream candies, Cashew or Nut Brittle, white marshmallows. Keep it different and buy fudge eg Nice and Natural Russian Fudge or Grandmas Fudge. Typical fudge ingredients include sugar, milk, sweetened condensed milk, butter, salt, golden syrup. Just like Grandma makes (which mine actually did- it was the best and will always be the best fudge I have ever tasted).

No artificial colours. 

If you want to avoid artificial colours, buy Smarties! Since 2009 Smarties have been additive free and only use natural colours. Just be aware, the colours are still quite concentrated so your child may still seem to react if they eat mitt-fulls of them in a few short moments. It’s simply because it’s too much in one go for the body to process and break down quickly enough. 

Dairy Free chocolate.

One of the sweeter tasting ones if you don’t want to go for dark chocolate is MooFree range. This brand sells out QUICKLY so you may only be able to get the bars instead of eggs, but hey, it’s still chocolate and it’s yummy. Check out this link >>> https://allergyfriendlyfoods.com.au/collections/moo-free

Or locally try Organic feast for easter eggs >>> https://www.organicfeast.com.au/index.php/catalogsearch/result/?q=easter+eggs