Helping Fussy Eaters 5 week ONLINE course

It can be frustrating to get kids to eat at times. For some children, it’s just a stage and time and persistence will see them come through. For others, it’s a real problem causing a lot of stress and worry for the family.

Ruth Fellowes SOS Feeding Therapy

Work alongside other families in the same boat, hear their stories and learn from their wins (and mistakes!) as you move through the series.

This course is for those families who are confounded and frustrated by the difficulties with feeding their child. Everyone gets hungry, right? Everyone wants to eat, right? 

This series goes well beyond the basics that  haven’t worked for your child (try it 10 times, cut it into cute shapes, make them sit there until it’s finished…. that kind of stuff.

This class is highly practical, providing you with steps that you can put in place in your home. As an adult, you may even learn why you dislike certain foods yourself!

What we will cover

  • Week 1: Intro to the SOS Feeding Therapy approach to the tricky and difficult fussy eaters.

    Discussion time- what do you want your child to be better at? This will help tailor make the program to the families in the course.

  • Week 2: The basics.

    10 Myths of Eating

    Feeding Development by age.

    Posture and seating.

    Eating at the table- routine, table layout, role modelling.

  • Week 3. Gut Drivers.

    Importance of gut health and digestion to fussy eaters

    Key supplements that make the process smoother

    Meal planning and portion sizes

  • Week 4. Sensory Aversions

    Identifying sensory difficulties with smell, touch, taste

    How to do Food Chaining

  • Week 5. Food Jags.

    What to do when kids just want to eat the SAME food in the SAME way EVERY day.

    Wrap up and final troubleshooting steps

COST: $150 per family

TIME: Mondays 7pm from 7th May to 4th June 2018

40 min sessions which will be recorded so if you miss a night you don’t miss out.

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