At home diet ideas to help you today

Sometimes you just need to do something NOW, so if you are at crisis point and need to make some changes to your child’s diet, which diet do you choose? 

There are no hard and fast rules so here are my suggestions to give you some food for thought (no pun intended).

If your child has hyperactivity, red cheeks/ears, skin conditions and/or night waking: try cutting out high salicylate foods.

If your child craves carbohydrates, is always hungry, has urinary problems (pain and/or frequency), pains after eating and/or ongoing yeast problems: trial a Low Oxalate Diet for two weeks.

If your child has been on a restricted diet and still has ongoing diarrhoea, constipation, gut problems and overall not improving: try GAPS (especially if they are blood type O)

If your child has been on other diets and still has yeast problems, candida, has had lots of antibiotics and if you as their mother has had candida: try Body Ecology (especially if they are blood type A)

My best advice though, is the follow your gut and use what jumps out to you from all of the special diets – in clinic we like to work with you as an individual  to find a diet that is right for YOUR child.

Remember if you decide to go one specific diet or another, you may need to modify or adjust it for your child to take into account sensory issues, other food tolerances and their blood type. If you find this overwhelming and need support contact our team, we are here to help.