Nutrition with a difference

You are not Me.

You are not your Mother, your Sister or your Best Friend.

Nutritional Medicine gives you that personalised approach to health care that you need. It recognises that everyone is biologically unique and different.

Nutritional medicine works to eliminate symptoms by addressing the underlying cause of a problem. It sees the body as a tightly connected unit where every part is affected by another. This nutritional approach places a big emphasis on how the brain can be affected by what happens in the gut. Meaning that problems in the gut can leave you feeling moody, or your child feeling angry, stressed or anxious.

Come take an active part in your health and learn more about how your body works along the way.

Find out if quirky things like MTHFR and Pyrroluria can affect your moods and your health. If your lack of nutrients from what you eat, or in how you digest them are doing the same. Or maybe you need to understand just how much little things like food additives will mess things up.

Your care is specific to you and your needs. Special care programmes are tailor made for where you are at, and where you want to be. Talk with me about this now.

The extra useful bits

Although you have homework to complete before you even see me (the Symptom Questionnaire and a short food diary), there is still a lot more I want to know! Here are a range of biomedical tests and others that I find to be the most beneficial. Most commonly used ones include:

Zinc taste test

This ‘magic water’ as I tell the kids, can provide a simple indication as to whether or not you have enough zinc in your body. Zinc is needed for over 200 processes in your body, so it’s not just about immunity. It helps with mood, concentration, energy, colic, fussy eating… just to name a few!


A closer look at the fibre arrangement and colours of the iris to give a broad picture of health. Iridology highlights areas within the body that need extra support.

Blood tests

These may be available through your GP if Medicare is  willing to check your levels of important nutrients. Otherwise I can order testing through all of the pathology labs, which are paid for by you. Laverty Pathology now offer discounted rates if I am your referring practitioner!  This helps determine what systems may be out of balance and what your nutrient levels are like.

MTHFR gene mutation

Easy and affordable yet it yields so much information. It provides a small glimpse into how your genetic makeup impacts on immunity, chronic illness, mental health and general wellbeing. Saliva or blood test.


Most significant for children who seem highly stressed or emotional and are struggling at school. Tests for chronic deficiency in zinc and B6 due to an inability to make use of these critical calming nutrients! Urine test. My favourite biomedical test to use.

Food intolerance testing

I prefer to use dietary methods to determine food intolerances but they are not always liked by the time poor family or person. These tests are not cheap but are certainly a quick way to get you on the right track. Blood test or finger prick test.

NEW! Hair Test 500 Foods Bio-Compatibility System

This hair analysis test helps you to find exactly which foods are incompatible with you. This is different from food intolerance testing, and more complete. What foods are setting you up to fail? Which ones are allowing inflammation to mess with how your body functions?

This test is really a wellness programme because quite simply, food affects your overall health. The test will highlight which foods and products out of a list of 500 are RIGHT for YOUR body and which are NOT. The results of the test offer an in-depth picture of your individual health status and requirements. It helps me to build an individualised care programme for you.

Working with someone who specialises in Nutritional Medicine will give you a greater understanding of how astonishingly powerful food and nutrients are. Food can be like medicine? Absolutely.

At the first visit we will spend quite a bit of time talking about symptoms and a review of how different body systems are functioning. From there, we may get some further testing done to get a complete picture of what’s going on. So it’s not all about food. There are other things to consider…

What’s your digestion like?

Are there important biochemical pathways that need support to work better?

Are there nutrient deficiencies holding you back?

Is there enough energy to make everything work efficiently?

Is there something you’re eating or drinking that is sending your nervous system haywire?

Iridology is a form of health screening that can pick up changes happening in specific body parts and organs, sometimes even  before the physical symptoms actually develop. It involves analysing the iris’s colour, markings and patterns in order to make recommendations that prevent poor health and improve current health. It is especially helpful in revealing hereditary tendencies and in working out which organs are in the greatest need of treatment.
Many health funds cover nutritional advice but be aware that not everyone does. If you are unsure, please ask.
Using nutritional medicine, appointments can frequently be done as Skype, phone or FaceTime consults. This option may not always be appropriate for your needs and I will let you know if I think this is the case.

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Have you noticed that many children are just not well? They don’t do as well at school as they could. They are unhappy, tired, cranky and miserable all the time. Time to find out what could be causing this. Let’s start with food, because, after all, this is what body needs to use to make ANYTHING happen!


The right nutrition will fight off illness, help overcome many chronic disorders and difficulties, maximise energy, make you look good, balance your moods, make you sleep like a baby, reduce aches and pains and  balance your hormones. Amazing, right!

Ruth Fellowes nutritionist Maitland food mood problems


Sometimes your health needs more than a quick fix.

By using food and nutrients as medicine (nutritional medicine) you can directly improve your digestive, metabolic and mental health. However it often takes commitment and patience. The vast majority of people I see need more than just 1 appointment to help them make the changes needed!

Programs give you a set time with a set goal, for a set price. So you know just where you’re heading and how to get there.

Ruth Fellowes nutritionist Maitland mood food behaviour talks

Talks & Demos

Come and see how quick and tasty nourishing food can be, for yourself and your kids. Invite me to your school or community group and find out how tightly connected food and moods really are. Ask for a list of topics I cover, or maybe you have something specific in mind. Let me know!

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