Change your food and mend your moods.

We’re always hearing about how important diet is for weight loss, diabetes, heart disease. But everyone needs a great diet! It will make you feel better, think better, learn better, sleep better.

This practice specialises in using food and nutrients, and a dash of herbs as medicine to support and enhance the gazillion of metabolic pathways in our body that need to be working optimally for us to BE at optimal health.  The right nutrition will fight off illness, help overcome many chronic disorders and difficulties, maximise energy, make you look good, balance your moods, make you sleep like a baby, reduce aches and pains and  balance your hormones.  Basically it can do an awful lot for you.

But there is a catch.

You can have a great diet but if you can’t even make use of it because your digestion is poor, then food loses it’s super and medicinal ability. For this reason your appointments will not just be a chat about your food diary, but emphasis will be on digestive health, metabolic health and mood health. They all tie in together to make us who we are.

Ruth Fellowes Nutritionist food mood behaviour


  • Digestive problems such as bloating, constipation, IBS and more
  • Gluten free, additive free, dairy free and other restrictive diets
  • Foggy brain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Chronic and ongoing fatigue
  • Chronic ill health

Initial appointment: comprehensive health check 1hr 15 mins $150 (Long distance consults $180). 

This involves taking a detailed health history, and a review of blood tests or other reports with the completion of some simple in-clinic screening tests if needed. Please remember to bring in all recent blood tests and other relevant medical reports at this time. It is also ideal to keep a diet diary for 3 or more days. Ask me about what I would like you to do for this.

Skype consults need additional time to order testing, or supplements/ herbs and prepare a treatment plan and are therefore priced differently.

This is ‘fact finding’ time so although you will be given some simple recommendations to get started on to meet your most urgent needs or bring some relief, a more thorough strategy and plan comes later. In about 2 weeks you will have a report that outlines what areas I think you should focus on. Most of the time this will be organised into a package so you know how much time you may need to get the results you want, plus all costs involved.

Standard Reviews under 45 mins $85 (if not on a package)

A time to see how the recommendations are going, answer more questions, work out if any changes need to be made, discuss what the next step is, and see if there any hurdles to overcome.

Short Reviews 15 mins $35 

For existing patients, for quick support about the flu, gastro, earache, that kind of thing. Or for answers to those general niggling questions about your health that you want answers to. A short review is also more likely when your appointments are frequent.

Extended Review  over 45 mins $120

This will be booked when there are test results to discuss such as a review of gene testing, OATS testing for chronic ill health and Autism, or any review and discussion of extensive testing. This review block is also for all NDIS patients.

Registered NDIS provider. 

Current NDIS rates per NDIA guidelines are $144.63 per hour. Our service agreement with you may offer reduced prices. 

Health Fund Rebates are usually available depending on your health fund. EFTPOS available. 

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Cancellation Policy

All appointments need to be rescheduled or cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

Failure to provide 24 hours notice means that you will be billed for the missed consult fee. Of course, emergencies happen and life can’t always be scheduled to allow for 24 hours notice, but just do the best you can. If you can rebook then the fee will simply cover the cost of that appointment.