For the child who is struggling at home or school

This practice specialises in using food and nutrients, and a dash of herbs as medicine to support and enhance the gazillion of metabolic pathways in the body, in order to improve the way your child functions on a daily basis. With over 10 years experience in using nutritional medicine and neurodevelopment therapies for children with ADHD, Autism, Aspergers or general learning difficulties I have learnt there are many, many ways we as parents can help our child feel better and do life better. 

Sometimes the diet really is the problem because of food intolerances (foods that need to come out) or borderline nutrient deficiencies (food and nutrients that needs to come in). Sometimes it’s more about the body not being able to make use of the nutrients because of metabolic difficulties. This is when we move into the realm of Biomedicine and might talk about Pyrroles, or Methylation or SNPs and MTHFR, or ‘leaky gut’ and what the Neurotransmitters or… It’s a fascinating world inside a child’s body! 

Let’s find out what’s going on.


Growing a healthy brain.

Everyone knows that nutrition is important for growth and development, but in real life we don’t often practice what we preach.

Think what would be different if it was.

Junk food advertising wouldn’t exist.

Our supermarkets would sell food, not “food-like” food.

Our children would be healthy, naturally, without great effort on our part.

Nutrition is heavily researched because it is so important, but not much of that research filters through to every day living. Poor nutrition is behind things such as chronic colds or ear infections, diagnosed mood and behaviour problems including ADHD and Autism ,  pyroluria (also known as pyrroles, mauve factor, or kryptopyrroles) , eczema, poor growth, acne, insomnia, fussy eating, aggression, clumsiness, reflux, Sensory Processing Disorders, temper tantrums and more.

So if you have a ‘gut’ feeling that food just might have something to do with your child’s difficulties and quirks, or that diet is ok but there is still ‘something not right’, then let’s talk.


  • Learning and behavioural difficulties, including ADHD, Autism, Aspergers, Global Developmental Delay
  • Suspected food intolerances and sensitivities.
  • Guidance with the RPAH Elimination Diet (also known as the FAILSAFE diet, or FEDUP diet)
  • Going beyond the FAILSAFE elimination diet… into long term recovery and gut repair
  • Special diets such as GAPS, FODMAPS, GFCF and so on
  • Sleeplessness
  • Skin problems such as eczema and acne
  • Experienced in MTHFR methylation issues for testing and management, plus nutrigenomics
  • S.O.S. Feeding Therapy for the truly fussy eater and difficult feeder

Initial appointment: comprehensive health check 1hr 15 mins $150 (long distance consults $180). All ages.

The primary Practice focus is on children with ADHD, Autism, learning difficulties and Feeding Therapy for fussy and picky eaters. I see a lot of infants and children who are not doing well and we need time to work out what is going on, then start the road to recovery for them. 

This involves taking a detailed health history, and a review of blood tests or other reports with the completion of some simple in-clinic screening tests if needed. Please remember to bring in all recent blood tests and other relevant medical reports at this time. It is also ideal to keep a diet diary for 3 or more days. Ask me about what I would like you to do for this.

Skype consults need additional time to order testing, or supplements/ herbs and prepare a treatment plan and are therefore priced differently.

This is ‘fact finding’ time so although you will be given some simple recommendations to meet the most urgent needs and bring some relief, a written report comes later. At this very first appointment you will likely be recommended key supplement/s that I consider to be valuable, and you may be referred on to other professionals for supportive care.

Standard Reviews under 45 mins $85 (if not on a package)

A time to see how the recommendations are going, answer more questions, work out if any changes need to be made, discuss what the next step is, and see if there any hurdles to overcome.

Short Reviews 15 mins $35 

For existing patients, for quick support about the flu, gastro, earache, that kind of thing. Or for answers to those general niggling questions about your health that you want answers to. A short review is also more likely when your appointments are frequent.

Extended Review  over 45 mins, and all NDIS reviews $120

This will be booked when there are test results to discuss such as a review of gene testing, OATS testing for chronic ill health and Autism, or any review and discussion of extensive testing. This review block is also for all NDIS patients.

Registered NDIS provider. 

Current NDIS rates per NDIA guidelines are $144.63 per hour. Our service agreement with you may offer reduced prices. 

Health Fund Rebates are usually available depending on your health fund. EFTPOS available. 

Ask me about this

 Cancellation Policy

All appointments need to be rescheduled or cancelled with at least 24 hours notice.

Failure to provide 24 hours notice means that you will be billed for the missed consult fee. Of course, emergencies happen and life can’t always be scheduled to allow for 24 hours notice, but just do the best you can. If you can rebook then the fee will just go towards that.

Programs to mend the moods and help the gut.

 3 to 6 month packages that are built according to what your child needs. 

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