Programs to mend the moods through food

You know there is  a problem.

You have kids that are unhappy and stressed. They don’t sleep, they don’t eat right, they don’t know how to play nice and meltdowns are happening all the time.

It doesn’t help that you feel like a terrible mum because your kid is the one who plays up all the time. You can see your child is hurting, and so are you, from the yelling and the stress and the worry.

It’s clear there is something not right.

You can do something! 

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Ruth Fellowes Nutritionist Maitland ADHD program


Are there foods that don’t work for your child?

What missing nutrients are holding them back?

Find out what metabolic quirks are messing things up.

Ruth Fellowes Nutritionist Maitland ADHD behaviour program

Program inclusions may be:

  • Food compatibility testing. What can & can’t your child eat, to bring their body back into balance.
  • Supermarket tours. To help you know what brands are best for you and your family. Learn about additives- the good and the bad.
  • Regular appointments and emails to keep you on track.
  • Bonus resources: Additive Alert book, recipe books and more
  • Supplements included
  • Discover who your child really is, without all the irritations coming from their own body.

Want to get a feel for what it’s all about?

Ask for your copy of the Back to School info ‘Best and Worst foods for your kids lunchbox’. Easy swaps for snacks and ideas on what to fill the Box with. 

Grab a copy here