Workshops, cooking demos, seminars and more.

Feed your brain cells and feed your body. Learn about food as medicine to change your moods, your gut health and your child’s behaviour.

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Supermarket tours

When it comes to dealing with health problems and children’s behavioural, you’ll find there is no such thing as the Perfect Diet. Everyone is an individual and everyone needs a way of eating that works for them. These Supermarket Tours will help you customise your shopping for your personal needs.

And for a family that has no urgent needs and just wants to be healthier, the Tour could be all you need. No consults. No supplements. Just knowing what to buy. Simple.

Available for small groups or individuals.

  • Save time and money- know what you need to buy to suit your needs.
  • Group or individual price options
  • Get your personalised shopping list made up on the spot!
  • Additive Free to settle the moods
  • Gluten free and dairy free for upset bellies and minds
  • Make your own group up with your friends and family and save on the individual price

Have kids that are a bit too different? 

For schools and child care centres:

Research shows that 50-80% of families who just use diets and nutrients bring about wonderful changes in their children! So educate yourself and find out just how powerful you are as a parent who understands how food affects the brain.

Talks listed are ones that are available at little to no cost.

Not sure these are what your group needs? Tell me what you struggle with the most with your kids- I may be able to help.

For schools and child care centres:

  • What’s Eating Your Child?  (3 ways to mend your child without meds).

    Your child is moody, anxious, hyperactive and may be labeled as ‘difficult’ or have a diagnosis. As a parent you can do a lot at home that will make a difference. Find out what needs to come in, what needs to come out, and what biochemical imbalances you need to know about.

  • Fussy eaters: Why is my child so hard to feed and what can I do about it? Includes recipes.
  • Brain foods: The BEST and WORST food for learning, concentration and development.
  • ADDITIVE ALERT: Do additives affect learning and behaviour? How and why??
  • Food Intolerances: What they are and what you can do about them!
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Cooking demos

Cooking demos help you see how easy brain food can be. Taste and try before you give it a go at home, so you know what you’re in for.

  • Probiotic & Fermented foods: taste and try kefirs, kombucha, sauerkraut and bone broths.
  • Gluten free & dairy free: what to to make for food intolerances
  • Treat foods:  chocolate and jellies and iceblocks are on the menu!
  • Additive Free: to settle the moods and behaviour
  • Gluten free and/or dairy free options for the gut and the brain
Ask for dates

Ruth fellowes nutritionist maitland cooking food mood

Back to School special. Grab your copy of ‘Best and Worst foods for your kids lunchbox’. Easy swaps for snacks plus extra ideas on what to fill the Box with. 

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