The LOVELY Liver

Did you know how important it is for the Liver to be well looked after? Here is a neat summary of all the roles that the liver plays…

The liver decides what to do with the carbs, proteins and fats.

  • It might break them down for energy.
  • It might release some of them into the bloodstream unchanged.
  • It might modify some of them and release them into the bloodstream for other cells in the body to use them as building blocks.
  • Or it might store the inside the liver for a while.

Isn’t that amazing, that some of the food you eat is used as building blocks to make bones, red blood cells, muscles and so on? But no matter what you eat, all your food goes to the liver. Only after processing does your broken down food enter the general blood circulation.

We found this nice summary in Dr. Karl’s Brain Food which was a fun book to read!

So it makes sense why we should look after this vital organ. If you think your liver might need a tune up make an appointment to see our team to help you look after yourself in the best way possible!