Tips For New Mums to Combat Fatigue

It’s no secret that having a newborn baby can take its toll on sleep for a new mum so we’ve included a few tips to help pull you out of that sleeplessness fog!

  1. Eat regularly. Stabilizing your blood sugar levels goes a long way to keeping energy and mood levels stable. The important nutrients are zinc, magnesium, b vitamins, calcium and iron. Keep healthy snacks on hand. A container of mixed nuts, seeds, cacao nibs and dried fruit (organic only) is a great start. Dress your nuts in coconut oil and a little good quality salt. Use LSA on your breakfast oats, use almond milk and honey as they are great sources of nutrients also. Eat fish 2-3 times a week and grass fed quality meat alongside a rainbow salad full of phytonutrients, vitamins and minerals. Smoothies are also a quick and easy way to pack in some nutrition. Use coconut water as a hydrating base and add your fruit and greens in. Nuts and seeds will blend up nicely also! Try to eat small meals every 2-3 hours.
  2. Stay hydrated. Drink fluids such as water and herbal teas, when hydrated you will actually be surprised by the increase in energy levels as well as the benefits of promoting your milk supply. Fluid also helps with symptoms of the dreaded constipation.
  3. Avoid caffeine and sugary snacks. They may give you an instant pick-me-up but you will then experience an even greater come-down slump! The key is to be organised with snacks – see number 1 for a few ideas.
  4. Never skip breakfast. This will set you up for the day and help to regulate your blood sugar levels. Try to include some protein in your breakfast to keep you feeling satisfied for longer such as eggs, LSA, salmon, ham off the bone, use quality breads rich with whole grains and add fresh fruits or vegetables to your meal.
  5. Sleep when your baby sleeps. Well that’s how the saying goes, and we know that it doesn’t always work like that. If you can’t sleep – your mind is buzzing, you have other children or you find sleeping in the day difficult just take some time to rest.  It is important that you are also taking care of yourself, especially while recovering from the birth and guiding your way through your new motherhood role.
  6. Put on some music. We love music and feel its benefits for improving mood and energy. Even better, have a dance around the house to put a smile on your face!
  7. Exercise. Just some gentle exercise such as a walk around the block with your baby will be enough to wake you up for the afternoon.
  8. Get outside. Ideally 15mins outside in the sunshine to get some Vitamin D but even if it is just to the mailbox – the fresh air will work wonders.
  9. Nighttime feeds. If possible, maybe schedule your partner in for a nighttime feed (an expressed bottle if breastfeeding), remember to let others look after you when they can. This will allow you to have a decent block of sleep and rest helping you to feel a little more refreshed in the morning.
  10. Relax and smile. Even if it is just sitting on the lounge for five minutes to take a deep breath and clear your mind. You are doing an amazing job!