Tackle the tantrums

Learn how to calm their moods, naturally

These are the  TOP 7 NUTRIENTS for attention and behaviour!

These are THE top nutrients that are consistently low in children with ADHD or those who are struggling with mood and behaviour challenges. The brain thrives when it is nourished just like the rest of the body, and there are certain ones it is most hungry for.

Young brains that are ‘starving’ find it hard to reason things through and struggle with learning and behavioural issues. 

These 7 nutrients are needed to calm the moods, support attention, and improve learning and behaviour. The guide will highlight for you WHY these nutrients are so important and CLUES that your child is running low on them.

It’s not unusual for parents to say that their child seems more grown up, or that their real personality shines through more, when dealing with nutrient imbalances and giving the body what it needs!

Needing less stress in the family?

You have kids that are unhappy and stressedThey don’t sleep, they don’t eat right, they don’t know how to play nice, and meltdowns are happening all the time.

You can see your child is hurting, and so are you, from the yelling and the stress and the worry.

Sounding familiar?

In my 13+ years of daily practice, I’ve seen families struggle with challenges that sap the joy out of life and knock everyone off balance.

It’s hard to feel like you are actually parenting a child when they’re always moody, upset, angry or aggressive, not sleeping, anxious, seem to be short on friends, not doing well at school. It feels more like you are always in damage control.

There ARE things you can do to make this parenting job that bit easier, and for you to be able to not just love your child, but even, like them.

Neuro-nutrition for better moods & behaviour

When we work together, the focus will be on restoring balance in your child, so that they and your family can go back to living your best life.

We will look at how food and diet that might be depriving the brain of key nutrients or triggering reactions in the mind, or gut! You see, the body is a tightly interconnected unit, with each part affected by another. To improve how a person thinks or feels, we need to take a wholistic approach. Research shows that food can actively affect moods and behaviour! 

Thankfully, with just a little help, the body can come back into balance and your child will feel more comfortable in themselves and better able to relate to their world.

That’s the power of the gut-brain connection (aka neuro-nutrition). As a Nutritionist and Herbalist I’m here to help you take advantage of the science of neuro-nutrition to settle and mend the moods for kids behavioural challenges, including ADHD and anxiety.

Here to support you

Personal Support

Talk to me about what’s going on and let’s get to the underlying metabolic causes driving poor moods and behaviour in our kids today. 

Get Tested

Using a select number of functional and biomedical testing we can fine-tune what the body needs to perform better. Especially valuable for children with ADHD.


The Restless to Calm Program will work on all the underlying causes for your child’s poor behaviour, moods and sleep. The A Life Less Sensitive program will unpack what food intolerances are driving problems, and to what extent. 


Draw from recommended books, guides, resources and products to help bring the changes you want to see. 

I’ve been there too – I know how you feel

I understand first-hand the strain that the wrong food, and poor moods and behaviour can place on families. I know how challenging it is to juggle everyone’s needs within the family, and how frustrating and overwhelming it can be when the things that should work, don’t.

I also know that different people can respond differently to the same diet. One of the keys to nutritional medicine is looking at the whole body and understanding the individual needs of each person. This means there really isn’t such a thing as the perfect diet for everyone.

My personal and clinical experience in food intolerances, nutrient needs, and childhood behaviour problems, together with my qualifications and interest in the gut-brain connection, gives me unique insight. I harness this insight to guide families through a customised plan to improve mood and gut health, restore balance, and improve quality of life.

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It’s time to build a better brain

When your child is obviously struggling – struggling with behaviour challenges, sleep problems, moods, or food intolerances- it’s time to do something about it.
Get in touch today to discover how my all-natural, whole-body health approach can help your child find balance again.