Tackle the tantrums

Learn how to calm the moods, naturally

Get 3 Key Ways for Kids and Adults to Calm the Moods and Soothe the Gut

This mini guidebook will change your mind- in all sorts of ways- on how to calm the moods and soothe the gut better than before. All by understanding what your body really needs to be taken along the road to healing.

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Restore balance to your family, naturally

You have kids that are unhappy and stressed.
They don’t sleep, they don’t eat right, they don’t know how to play nice, and meltdowns are happening all the time.
You can see your child is hurting, and so are you, from the yelling and the stress and the worry.
Your moods are diving and your own health is suffering.

Does this sound familiar? In my 13 years of daily practice, I’ve seen families struggle with challenges that sap the joy out of life and knock everyone off balance.
Physical symptoms, such as skin breakouts, headaches and gut upsets, plus heightened behaviours and mood swings, affect every member of the family and can stop you from living your best life.

If this sounds like you, the good news is there are natural remedies for ADHD or any other challenges facing your family.

We also now know just how powerfully the gut can affect our moods.

Sometimes just by taking care of your family’s gut health you will naturally take care of your moods, along with sleep, energy, skin health, behaviour and concentration.

Neuro-nutrition for a better brain

What you eat could be depriving you of key nutrients, or, could be triggering reactions in the gut and the mind. You see, the body is a tightly interconnected unit, with each part affected by another. If your gut doesn’t get the nutrients it needs, your skin can flare up, your belly can be upset, your energy can drop, and your moods can change.

Thankfully, with the right nutrients, the body can come back into balance, freeing your family from these challenges, and helping you get more from life. That’s the power of the gut-brain connection (aka neuro-nutrition). As a herbalist and nutritional medicine practitioner, I’m here to help you take advantage of neuro-nutrition to settle the belly and mend the moods.

Drawing heavily from nutritional medicine with a dash of herbal medicine and splashings of functional medicine, I provide a unique blend of healthcare, offering natural remedies for ADHD, anxiety, constipation, and other conditions. My goal is to help restore balance to your family so you can all go back to living your best life.



Access expert help to discuss your situation, explore underlying causes, and map a path forward focusing on nutritional, herbal and natural medicine.


Explore functional and biomedical testing to identify underlying issues so we can create an individualised care plan to help you feel better and get more from life.


Learn about the power of the gut-brain connection and how the right nutrition can transform your life with on-demand courses you can access anytime.


Support your family with books, guides, resources and products to make life easier, including herbs & customised nutrient powders to keep your body in balance.

I’ve been there too – I know how you feel

I understand first-hand the strain that the wrong food, and poor moods and behaviour can place on families. I know how challenging it is to juggle everyone’s needs within the family, and how frustrating and overwhelming it can be when the things that should work, don’t.

I also know that different people can respond differently to the same diet. One of the keys to nutritional medicine is looking at the whole body and understanding the individual needs of each person. This means there really isn’t such a thing as the perfect diet for everyone.

My personal and clinical experience in food intolerances, nutrient needs, and childhood behaviour problems, together with my qualifications and interest in the gut-brain connection, gives me unique insight. I harness this insight to guide families through a customised plan to improve mood and gut health, restore balance, and improve quality of life.









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It’s time to build a better brain

If your family is struggling with behaviour challenges, food intolerances, an unhappy gut, and poor sleep, it’s time to do something about it.
Get in touch today to discover how my all-natural, whole-body health approach can help you find balance again.