Food Additives

To Avoid

Today’s supermarket is exploding with food choices! But not everything in there, is what it seems. And that even means many of the ‘healthy foods’.

This week long mini course will guide you through different additives you need to know about, and avoid. Learn which ones could be affecting your child’s behaviour and concentration. Which ones can mess with your moods, your health and your sleep. And learn how you can avoid them for the sake of family peace, your sanity and your health!

The mini series will be sent to your inbox over 7 days, to take you step by step to simple and lasting changes to better health.

Day 1: Additives to avoid

This 7 part series will take you through all the additives you need to know about, and why. Find out which ones could be affecting you and your kids health, and what you can do about it.

Day 2: Colours and flavours

Colours have been long been blamed for being the mischief makers in children, and maybe for good reason… find out why they can be a problem, and how will you know?

Day 3: Preservatives – Part 1

There are a LOT of preservatives in our food today. Most of them are fine, but quite a few are not, and are used heavily so we need to know about them. We will be spending time in the 200 series of additives, it’s one of the big groups!

Day 4: Preservatives – part 2

Is the simple ham sandwich as simple as it seems? Discover what the artificial additives the propionates and nitrates are doing in our food today.

Day 5: Preservatives – part 3

We look at the antioxidants! Not the good kind, the synthetic kind that is EVERYWHERE today. Find out what problems they may be causing.

Day 6: MSG & glutamates

All about MSG, flavour enhancers and glutamates. These are additives that everyone should know about, because of some sneaky labelling and the big problems they can be for your children. These form the 600 series of additives.

Day 7: Artificial sweeteners

The artificial sweeteners. Sometimes it’s not healthier to buy sugar free foods and drinks… These characters make up the 900 series of additives.