Additive free Easter eggs for a cracking good Easter!


With Easter just around the corner, you may start to go into panic mode with flashbacks of your kids bouncing off the walls or in full tantrum mode after overindulging on all that chocolate and yummy treats that often come with Easter celebrations.
It can be a tricky time for parents as you don’t want your kids to miss out on all the fun, but its hard to know what alternatives to offer especially if you have noticed your kids ADHD behaviour escalates after eating chocolate.
So if you are looking for some healthier options, check out these hot Easter tips and simple swaps to ensure your kids still get to enjoy their chocolate while minimising those tanties.
Which eggs are best??

Health food shop picks

Organic Times
These have clean ingredients all round. Rapadura sugar is used as the sweetener and there is a choice between white, milk or dark chocolate.


Organic Milk Easter Egg - Organic Times | Chocolate » Cookies » Ingredients


The Carob Kitchen – Banjo the carob bunny
Made with carob which is a great option for those on the low amine and avoiding cocoa. The  flavour is different to regular chocolate but I found I quickly grew to love them! And no side effects with headaches or poor sleep or moods either!


The Carob Kitchen Easter Eggs Pouch 19 Eggs
Loving Earth- Boobook chocolate eggs 
This is a very a popular brand with many families both for taste reasons and being free from all nasties (additives/ colours/ refined sugar) and friendly to kids who have intolerances to dairy, gluten or soy. They do have a dark chocolate taste due to the high cacoa content so be aware of that.
Loving Earth Organic Boobook Chocolate Eggs 95g
Most of these brands can be found in your local health food stores- but I hear you say, “What if I am conscious about not spending a lot of money and only have access to the supermarkets?”
My advice is to go quality over quantity, so that you don’t buy as many and don’t overinduge either. Many of these will be on sale in the lead up to Easter too.

Top supermarket picks.

Pana chocolate 
This is the number one pick. Super yummy, dairy free, and refined sugar free and the flavour range is so good.
Pana Organic Vegan Caramel Chocolate Easter Egg 110g - Salted Caramel – Biome
Lindt chocolate 
Dark chocolate is the better option as the sugar content isn’t quite as high. this brand is free from colour and problem additives.
Lindt Gold Easter Bunny Dark Chocolate 200g | BIG W

In brief, always check the back of labels before you buy.  Steer clear from chocolate varieties with creamy fillings as these typically have added colours and flavours and can be the real culprits behind poor behaviours around Easter. A previous blog covered this for you here

You can even try making your own!

It’s not as hard as you think. See my recipe here which also includes a great recipe for hot cross buns!

Reduce the focus on chocolate.
An easy way to reduce the chocolate or sugar mood swings  is to make sure your kids are not eating chocolate on an empty stomach.
Fill them up with a healthy high protein meal before they start munching on any sweets. Keep the chocolate as an after-meal snack to avoid the sugar rollercoaster crashes.
Lastly, one of my favourite ways to keep the egg hunt going without piling up on chocolate is to get a bunch of fillable reusable eggs- and while I’m not a fan of plastic- they can be kept and reused for many years. For the little kiddies these can be just as fun to find as the real eggs. You can fill them with little toys, mini eggs, coins or even written notes sending your kids on a treasure hunt- its a great way to keep the hunt going and keep them entertained for much longer.
With thanks to Michelle Barnes- Nutritionist- for her egg research! 
Bright Fillable Plastic Easter Eggs 6cm (Bulk Pack of 144)