Food Biocompatibility


Are the foods you eat right for your body?

Have you noticed how some foods give you good energy while others seem to drag you down, and aggravate symptoms?

Compatibility Hair Analysis is based on the principle that if we feed the body correctly, it is better able to repair itself. Using a hair
or saliva sample, the test determines which food and products will need to be avoided, and which ones can be used over a period of 6 months.
This time allows you to start feeding the body according to which foods and products give a positive or negative influence on your health.
Remember, feed the body correctly and it can function much better.


Every cell in the body relies on electrical stimulation in order to function well. Foods contain their own electrical systems, but sometimes it can interfere with the electrical systems within cells, and the result is poor cellular function.

You might feel the effects in numerous ways, on the skin, in the airways, in the brain, in the gut, in the muscles and how well you move and sleep, and with your immunity. By removing these reactive and aggravating foods, we allow the cells to repair and function normally.

The test is able to help you focus on what you CAN eat and use, rather than what you can’t.

Your results are set out in a comprehensive 12+ page report with full instructions for the 6 month period.


The standard test covers a list of 600 items – which includes most food groups, health foods, gluten
free foods, dairy free foods, and bathroom, kitchen and laundry products. The foods tested are common brands
found in supermarkets and health food stores.


Download the brochure and fill in your details

Mail the hair (or saliva) sample in a plastic bag along with the completed brochure. Contact me for current mailing address.

On receipt of the samples you will be invoiced for the price of the test/s

When payment has come through, your samples will be sent by Express Post for testing

Results typically take 7 days & you will be contacted as soon as they are in.

Baby Test Instructions

  • The Baby Test will still include the 500 standard test as well as the baby list.
  • Where baby is breast fed; take a hair or saliva sample from BOTH Mum and Baby.
  • Where baby is breast fed ONLY; still take both samples as the foods tested can be used when starting baby on solids.
  • Put hair/saliva samples into the same zip top bag. This way we will be covering everything the baby will encounter.
  • Mum may gain some benefit as well. However given the hormonal situation during breastfeeding Mum’s body is more devoted to the baby’s wellbeing.
  • Where baby is NOT breastfed; take baby’s hair/saliva only.