Let’s Get That Smile Back

Change your food and mend your moods

with Nutritional Neuroscience

This practice specialises in supporting kids with ADHD and other mood and behavioural difficulties.

It’s not just about your parenting style and how good or bad you are at it. The way the brain produces specific neurotransmitters to help with mood, sleep, learning and attention, will be affected by diet, supplementation, lifestyle choices and poor clearance of everyday toxins.

This means we need to look at what needs to come in and what needs to come out. The focus will be on nourishing the brain, exploring gut health and its impact on brain health, reducing inflammation, and identifying irritants and triggers that worsen ADHD.

We will also look at any metabolic difficulties that can interrupt the use of nutrients in the body.  This is when we move into the realm of functional medicine and  talk about Pyrrole Dysregulation, or Methylation and MTHFR, or ‘leaky gut’ and the health of the microbiota, or what the neurotransmitters are doing or not doing, or… well let’s just say the insides are a fascinating complex world!

So let’s find out what’s going on with your child!

Restless to Calm Program

 for mood & behavioural difficulties

A 12 week program to bring balance to the internal workings of your child, leaving them feeling more calm, happier, & focused. See your child’s true personality & strengths come through more!  This program uses a 5 step system for balancing kids moods and behaviours, and is especially suited for  those with ADHD.


  • Foods to suit-  Laying the foundation to using food as medicine by identifying foods that are calming or irritating. A pantry audit of problem food additives is important too!
  • Mood and energy swings- We’ll start nailing the roller coaster of moods by meal planning, dealing with food cravings and snacking, and balance out the meals for longer focus and attention.
  • Nourishing the brain- Using non-invasive testing ie no blood tests unless you want to- to identify nutrient imbalances and which nutritional supplements will be right for your child.
  • Hidden factors – Diving deeper by looking at the link between gut health and moods, questioning if there are food intolerances as a result, and optimising digestive function.
  • Non-nutritional supports – Sleep is a critical factor affecting mood and behaviour and needs to be supported. Learn how to make adjustments in your child’s plan for long term progress. We’ll also look at lifestyle habits, exercise, and even parenting styles and how that influences progress.

This is an online practice

All support is completed via video calls


This is your opportunity to gain a broad picture of potential areas to develop in your child. Complete an online questionnaire before the online assessment and together we will discuss your child’s unique nutritional needs, if the diet needs to improve, could there be food intolerances, how is sleep tracking, and what is school and family life like.  In short, I’m assessing the impact of nutrition and metabolism on your child’s mood, health, and development. You will receive a written report of findings.

After the report you can choose to move into available programs tailored to your child’s needs, with the price of the assessment going towards the program fees.

If you’re unsure if an Assessment is the best place to start or you wish to find out more about a program to suit  book  a free 20-30min Enquiry Call first.

Cost: $ 150 1hr