Kids in the Kitchen

This school holidays we want you to spend time with loved ones creating memories, so over the next few weeks we will share some fun, food related DIY projects that you can do at home with your little ones…

Traffic Light Fruit Kebabs

You will need:                                                                                                              

Red fruit – such as strawberries, raspberries, plums, cherries

Orange fruit – such as oranges, rockmelon, mandarin

Green fruit – such as kiwi fruit, green grapes, honeydew

Wooden skewers or large tooth picks.



Cut the fruit into bite-size pieces. Thread a piece of red, orange and green fruit onto the skewer to make it look like a traffic light.

The kebabs are now ready to eat and enjoy!


DIY Newspaper Plant Pots

You will need:              

  • Newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Glass or cup for a mould – if possible this should have a small concave in the base
  • Potting mix
  • Seeds or seedlings of your choice
  • Water
  • Twine

NOTE: Please take care with potting mix. It should be used under adult supervision with masks and gloves. Wash hands after use.



  • Fold a length of newspaper in half.
  • Roll it around the cup at least twice, leaving about 3-5cm to tuck into the base.
  • Tuck paper up into concave base tightly. Tie twine around the outside of the cup.
  • Slip the paper off the cup. Make as many as you need.
  • Fill each pot with potting mix. Get the kids to help!
  • Sow seed or plant seedlings into the potting mix. Repeat until finished.
  • Store seedling pots in a low-cut cardboard box or styrofoam box.
  • Get the kids to water regularly and keep an eye on them. Depending on the seeds potted, you should see some sprouting happening within the week.
  • Once your seeds have become seedlings, let the kids plant the whole thing – newspaper pot and all – into the ground. The pot will break down and you will have a gorgeous garden full of bloom, herbs or veggies in no time.